Friday, May 25, 2018

Let the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown Defend Your Bar from Summonses

Do you run a restaurant or bar and get harassed by law enforcement on a regular basis for behavior from patrons that is out of your control? Are you tired of paying out ridiculous fees for summonses that seem unfair? Let the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown defend you and you could say goodbye to ludicrous criminal summonses and hello again to your hard earned cash. A client we represented was accused of running a disorderly premise, stemming from a fight outside of their bar involving patrons that had been escorted out of the establishment by trained bouncers.

Nevertheless, police gave this violation to the bar, which could damper business and eventually shut the place down. With our help, the case against our client was dismissed, and they could continue running their business without facing legal trouble. Do not fall victim to unfair summonses, pick up the phone and call (718)-979-9779 today and help us help you and your business.

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