Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A win for Robert E. Brown, PC - From Obstructing Firefighting Operations to Dismissal.

Our client was arrested and charged with a class A Misdemeanor- Obstructing Firefighting Operations in Richmond County for allegedly unreasonably obstructing a firefighter. He faced up to 1 year in jail.

Our client ran a pot-bellied stove in his home, where he lived with an elderly aunt. When a neighbor mistakenly called the fire department to the scene, our client tried to diffuse the situation in order to not alarm his relative.  He told the firefighters that nothing was on fire and that it was just the smoke from the stove.  A firefighter struck our client in the head with a crowbar causing a large laceration , which required several stitches. He was then arrested and charged with Obstructing Firefighting Operations.  Through our hard work, the case against him was dismissed and sealed – the best possible outcome for this most unfortunate circumstance. 

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