Friday, May 25, 2018

Elderly Man with Terminally Ill Wife Saved From False Charges of Sexual Assault

The Law Offices of Robert E. Brown prides itself in defending our clients from unfortunate situations and false charges of misconduct. One recent case we handled stemmed from a verbal altercation in which the complainant, an NYU student, did not pay rent to their landlord and was threatened with eviction. Following a disagreement between the two parties, our client was accused of grabbing the woman's buttocks. Police arrested our client, a 61 year old man with no prior history of sexual assault and no criminal record, and charged him with one count of forcible touching, one count of sexual abuse in the 3rd degree, and one count of harassment in the 2nd degree for physical contact.

He was subsequently served with an order of protection, which meant the tenant could remain in his house while he was forced to vacate the premise and leave behind his wife, who was suffering from Stage IV cancer. After hours of hard work from our legal team, and with the help of our Private Investigator John Doherty, we found video proof that these charges were false because our client was not even in his house at the time he was said to have assaulted the tenant. The District Attorney confronted the complainant, who then folded. The case was eventually dismissed.

Since then, our client has continued his peaceful, law-abiding ways and has stayed out of trouble.

Charges of criminal activity could be imposed on anybody, don't let somebody ruin your life because of a meaningless conflict. Instead, let us at the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown defend you.

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